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Tips To Clear UGC NET EXAM

Earlier Ugc Net Exam  used to held twice in a year in a month of July and January . This exam is conducted for people who want to make their career in the field of academics and research . As academics and research are the most sought after fields these days, this exam is conducted to filter out the most capable candidates to take up the posts of lecturer and research scholars in various institutions and universities.

So, here are some tips to clear Ugc Net Examination for all you people appearing for this exam:

  1.  3 Months for preparation: The first and the most important thing is to start your preparation as early as possible. It should be at least 3 months before the exam date so that you get enough time to read and revise everything.
  2. Quality Studies: Secondly, making your time table and strictly adhering to it is very important. Like how many hours you should devote to your studies. because QUALITY MATTERS MORE THAN QUANTITY. Rather than studying for 10 hours a day, study for 5 hours but concentrate and learn properly. Eating well and sleeping well makes you healthy and increases your concentration power.
  3. Systematic Studying : Be very systematic in your approach while preparing like decide which subject to start first and how many days to be devoted to each subject and how many topics to be covered in a day. Look out for all the reference books and keep them with you before starting the preparation.. Once you have decided which subject to start first, jot down all the subjects that are there in the syllabus on a piece of paper and then on a separate piece of paper, jot down all the topics of that particular subject which you are going to start from the syllabus given.
  4. Completing and tick marking the topic: Then adhering to strict schedule you should complete that subject in a days planned for it. Make sure u tick mark against that particular topic once you complete it and this way when you are done with the subject, tick mark against that particular subject. Ticking mark is important because you will know while revising which topics u are left with and where can you find the material and content from, E.g. You can search for a particular topic from internet or can ask your teachers for help or can search for it in a library.
  5. Do not Ignore the first paper : Another important thing is you should prepare for the 1st paper simultaneously. Read one topic every day and try and solve the objective questions available with you.
  6. Self Study : Nothing beats the importance of self study. So, if you are clear with the basics of your subject then you do not need any coaching. All you need is a course material and some reference books and dedication to clear this exam.  Even if you buy the material or notes from some coaching institution, then also make sure you make your own notes which will help you to revise and recall every topic.
  7.  Selective studies: It is not necessary to complete and be thourough with th whole syllabus and with each and every topic. Rather than studying and reading everything related to a topic, smart studying is important. Be selective in your studies, first of all cover all the important topics in detail and then read about less important topics as far as the least important topics are concerned, only getting an idea about them is more than enoughBut you should complete at least 80% of the syllabus. As the syllabus given is vast, so its not possible to be thourogh with each and every topic but at least you should know the basic of every topic if not in detail. So, even if you do not like one or two subjects, you can afford to skip them all together. But make sure you give enough time for your elective( at least 10 days)as the majority of questions in the third paper are asked from elective.
  8. Time for revision: Make sure you leave last 15-20 days exclusively for revision because revision is very important as it helps in recalling everything that has been learnt and so it really helps you when you sit for an exam. Also, In case you are left with certain topics, you get time to search for their content and read them. Solve all the previous papers available on the website, If you do not get time to solve. At least go through all the questions and make sure you know answers to all of them. Try and solve as many objective type questions as possible.
  9. A day before exam: Make sure you do not study one day before and exam and on a day of examination as it will only confuse you rather than helping you.
  10. Stay calm and composed : Last but not the least leave all your confusions, doubts and tensions before entering an examination hall. Just stay calm and composed. After you finish your first  and second paper, don’t think about it much even if you were not able to do your best. Don’t ever think that your first  two papers were not good enough so now there is no point in sitting for the third paper, You should always appear for it no matter what. Make sure when you return home after writing your paper, you jot down all the questions you remember because it will really help in preparation for the next time. Start studying for the next time without waiting for the result of the previous paper.


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